CHAPTER 2 - The Anticipation of the Apocalypse and The Weapon Industry Alliance
There is clearly something fishy about the World Wide Web. Let us dig further into the construction of the W3.
We must look at this mathematically to try and reveal the intentionality that constitutes this concept.

The Binary Equation
W W W translated into the binary numeral system (representation of text using only the digits 0 and 1)

If you add up all the 1's in each binary code you get three sixes... The number of the beast.

Surely, this could just be seen as a coincidence and considered a silly myth, BUT, there is more!
Look at this equation of WWW translated into HEX:

77 + 77 + 77 = 42
Yes, that's right! 42 as in the chemical element 42Mo (Molybdenum) used massively in WW1 (note the resemblance to WWW!) as armor plating and high speed steel...

Further noticable relations to the armor and weapon industry can be found in WWW's translation into ASCII:

119 + 119 + 119 = 357
Think it is a coincidence that this is the exact number of the Magnum .357, the ultimate symbol of high performance ability to incapacitate a target in the weapon industry?

Well, think twice.
These 3 logical explanations of the W3 points towards a scary conclusion... Continue to the next chapter to get the "point"...

Chapter 3 - The Domain