CHAPTER 1 - The Creation of Needs and Desires
Okay, we have revealed only some of the structures leading us towards suspicion. Suspicion due to not only odd correlation but furthermore caused by a perpetual internalized alienation towards new technology. In this chapter we will ponder upon the mental issues concerning the World Wide Web.

Little theory has been written on the subject of cyberpsychology, though issues such as transference to computers, personality types in cyberspace, identity, addiction, regressive behaviour etcetera are vital themes to investigate before it is too late!

Fear of computers and their impact on human life was evident during the turmoil of the new millenium - the Y2K and the anticipation of the apocalypse. Looking back we can quickly conclude that it did not take place - at least not in the shape we expected with plane crashes, infrastructural crashes and the collapse of the economy. No, it was implanted in a way more strategic manner, revealing the actual meaning of the three W's:

WEB 1.0:
The first global encounter with the World Wide Web was it's first version - 1.0. This was the static web mainly made up of simple HTML and the processing of data in a write-only and non-interactive interface. Content was published rather than user-generated. Recognizable symbols for illustrating actions were utilized: hourglass, maps and folders, buttons, and metaphors in language such as 'Home', 'Search', 'Enter', 'Mail' and so on.

All this was an unobtrusive adaption from one sphere to another allowing humanity to adjust to the familiar objectification without being frightened.

WEB 2.0:
After the Y2K and a whole lot of habituation the second generation of the web, the 2.0, was introduced. This can be defined as the addictive phase, where users were offered the opportunity to interact via blogging, networking and file-sharing. Users were not afraid of the media and used the interactivity excessively adding all their personal information accessible for all authorities. The humanity was registered.

WEB 3.0
The third step towards total control is the Web 3.0 generation. The semantic web with it's defined set of meanings and language. The "knowing" web. The "smart" web. Taking advantage of the new cyber-addiction 'Smartphones' is now able enter the stage with it's omnipresent surveillance and artificial intelligence.

These 3 steps are paving the way for... What? The DOT!

Representing anticipation (since the URL equation is not yet completed) we must continue on to the third chapter to discover what the adjustment process of the three phases will result in...